About Us

President and
Representative of Director
NEWJEC Inc., having a corporate policy of "contributing society through distinguished technology", was established in 1963 as an integrated engineering consultant firm for providing engineering services of survey, planning, designing and construction management for social infrastructure development.

NEWJEC Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013 having involved in social capital development while meeting the expectations of various fields and responding to relevant social demands and change of times.

During these five decades, social and economic situations in Japan have drastically changed in such aspects as rapid globalization, global environmental problem, aging population with low birthrate and associated depopulation, remarkable innovation of information & communication technology and so on, for which activity promotion beyond conventional frame work has become requisite. Further, prevention and mitigation of natural disaster including large-scale earthquake and countermeasures against aged infrastructure, have also revealed as imminent issues.

Whereas paying attention abroad, technology and engineering experience cultivated in Japan are expected to be rendered to developing and emerging countries where large demand for infrastructure development, disaster prevention and protection of environment is being expected.

In order to cope with those surrounding changes, we will further promote our wide-ranged activities with common philosophy of "self-development by self-change" aiming at timely correspondence with diverse fundamental change of the environment.

NEWJEC Inc. thereby keep challenging to realization of safe and sound society by responding to social needs in timely and precise manners and providing professional expertise and optimal solution to the various requests of the clients.