Indonesia - Dieng Small Scale Geothermal Power (10MW) Project completed

The construction work for the Small Scale Geothermal Power Plant (10 MW) was completed and handed over to the Project Owner, PT. Geo Dipa Energi (GDE) in July 2021 and NEWJEC Inc., served as Project Management Consultant (PMC).
[entire view, completed power plant facility/ GEO DIPA ENERGI]
The Dieng Geothermal Area is located on the Dieng Plateau (about 2000 m high) in Central Java, Indonesia, and the first power unit with an installed capacity of 60 MW has been in operation since 1998. In this project, the small scale power plant was constructed with the purpose to increase the installed capacity by 10 MW. The project owner is PT Geo Dipa Energi (GDE), Indonesia's state owned geothermal power company, and NEWJEC has been working on this expansion project for about 20 months since November 2019 to provide GDE for engineering services related to detailed design, construction supervision management and technical support. Although the project faced obstacles under COVID-19 pandemic situation, by the great efforts of the parties concerned, the project was successfully and satisfactorily completed.

Amongst the renewable energies, the geothermal power generation is considered as the base load power source to supply stable power generation, and it educes the emission of air pollutants and carbon dioxide compared to the thermal power plants of the same scale. Geothermal development is a high priority in Indonesia which has a rich geothermal resource (approximately 28,000 MW), the second largest in the world.

If the ratio of geothermal power generation increases and the ratio of coal-fired power generation decreases, with the completion of this project, it is expected that it will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

NEWJEC will continue to actively support the development of geothermal power generation in Indonesia, other overseas countries and Japan with the aim to further popularize clean energy and promote carbon-neutral society, which is indispensable for the realization of a sustainable development