Kansai's largest general construction consultant,
carrying on the Kuroyon Spirit.

The construction of Kansai Electric Power Company's Kurobe Dam (commonly known as Kuroyon) was one of the great construction projects of its century. In 1963, the core engineers who worked on this project gathered together to form a construction consultancy firm under the name NEWJEC.
In the 60 years since our founding, NEWJEC has contributed to the development of social infrastructure in Japan and abroad as a general construction consultant utilizing a diverse range of technologies, while inheriting the indomitable spirit of having pioneered new frontiers in the field of construction. Today, as the largest general construction consultant in the Kansai region, we are contributing to the creation of a sustainable and spiritually rich society.

NEWJEC's characteristics

Technical Capability

Dams, rivers, earthquake engineering, and more.
Technical capabilities developed from our roots.

NEWJEC, which has its origins in the Kurobe Dam project, has high technological capabilities not only in dam construction, but also in river engineering, earthquake engineering, renewable energy, telecommunications, and other fields derived from dam construction.

Disaster Response

Using our high technological capabilities to support reconstruction efforts in disaster areas.

In response to the increasing frequency of natural disasters, NEWJEC has formed a disaster response team, JEC FORCE. When a large-scale disaster occurs, JEC FORCE members put their normal work on hold and travel to the disaster area. Once there, they contribute their technical expertise to survey the situation and assist in recovery efforts.

Global Presence

We are expanding our field of business to the world stage with a focus on Asia.

We are bringing the technologies we have cultivated in Japan to the world. Currently, we are expanding our business in 68 countries, mainly in Southeast Asia, but also in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, and other regions. We contribute to the growth of developing countries starting with development, surveying, planning and design of large-scale power supply and transmission/transformation projects, all the way to construction supervision and maintenance management.

Business Foundation

The stable business foundation of the Kansai Electric Power Group.

NEWJEC is a construction consultant belonging to the Kansai Electric Power Group. Our stable business foundation allows us to invest in human resource development and create a corporate culture that encourages taking on challenges.

NEWJEC's Fields of Business

NEWJEC's technologies are found everywhere in society and support the daily lives of countless people.

NEWJEC's Fields of Business