Technology Development Patents and
Doctoral Degrees

Toward the Creation of a Sustainable, Spiritually Enriched Future

We will continue to research and develop new technology, enhance existing technology, and work to deliver safety and a sense of security to society with a broad perspective in order to create a sustainable, spiritually enriched future.

Patents and Doctoral Degrees


  • Doctor of Engineering
  • Doctor of Physical Sciences
  • Doctor of Information Science


  • Method and equipment for discharging sand from reservoirs
  • DMethod for removing soil flowed into aqueducts, method for discharging sand from reservoirs
  • Geologic structure probing instruments and a geologic structure probing system based on the instruments
  • Ground vibration analysis system, ground vibration analysis method and corresponding program
  • Amorphous silica dissolution device
  • Embankment filtration system for improving water quality in surface waters
  • Dissolved silicic acid replenishing block
  • Water purification system and method
  • Method for removing salt from ocean sand
  • Method for highly precise estimation of generation/concentration of traffic and OD traffic by zone
  • Method and program for centroid-based inverse estimation of OD traffic between major zones
  • Futoshi Maegawa Director Doctor of Engineering
    Futoshi Maegawa Director Doctor of Engineering

    At NEWJEC we continue our diligent pursuits as a company that cherishes and advances technology, shaped by the Kuroyon (the Kurobe Dam) Spirit passed down since our inception. This is also exemplified by our corporate philosophy of contributing to society through distinguished technology and our corporate concept of connecting nature and people with technology.
    Accordingly, we deploy many educational programs aimed at acquiring qualifications and have also established financial aid systems to help with university tuition, celebratory bonuses for acquiring qualifications, and more.
    Our engineers -among them roughly 30 doctors of engineering and over 400 certified engineers and first-class registered architects- engage in diligent study to develop technology under our banner and channel their command of specialty technologies into wide-ranging accomplishments within the company and throughout the world.
    I actually received my PhD in engineering on the strength of a doctoral dissertation in which I made proposals for performance-based geotechnical engineering design based on papers I had posted internally and published since I was young.

  • Yasuyuki Nakanishi Road Group Doctor of Engineering
    Road Group Yasuyuki Nakanishi Doctor of Engineering

    I pursued a degree in engineering in part because I have been involved in the seismic design of bridges and other existing infrastructure since I joined the company, and because I treasure my connections with university professors and laboratories.
    Given that most of the infrastructure in Japan was constructed during the period of rapid economic growth, we are seeing a decline in functions in many structures due in part to aging and obsolescence.
    I am mainly involved in designs for reinforcing this type of existing infrastructure. Although I specialize in bridges, I have also investigated other structures outside my specialty, including dam spillway gates, penstocks for hydroelectric power generation, and even traditional stone structures.
    NEWJEC has designed many structures, including the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka Award-winning Minato Bridge in Osaka and Shinminato Bridge in Toyama, and as a bridge engineer, I want to be involved in the design of large bridges like these.
    NEWJEC is also taking part in Joint Research for Using AI to Streamline Road Bridge Maintenance, and I believe it is important to use AI in repair designs. If AI can help us be more efficient in studies and surveys, we can devote more energy to evaluations and diagnosis, enabling us to streamline overall operations and further improve quality.